alex ibrado

Hello world!

Keybase rocks!

The stuff going on at is incredible! I initially thought the alternative to keyservers and the web of trust was all there was to it (don't get me wrong, I appreciated it!), but the Keybase Filesystem with its automatic signing and/or encryption of public and private files? And 10GB of storage? Wow.

This site was instantly activated by "locally" saving an file in /keybase/public/ibrado (index.html would work, too) -- and anyone with a Keybase account would be able to access it "locally" (read-only) as well. Since it's automatically PGP-signed, they can be sure that the files in that folder came from me.

If you want to share a file that only you and someone else can read, just save it in /keybase/private/*your_id*,*their_id*.

Cool. Very, very cool.

So many things to try... Can't wait to see else what the Keybase team has up its sleeves. :-)